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Budget Friendly Bedroom Overhaul

We’ve all seen those amazing bedrooms from Pottery Barn or Southern Living and we try our best to recreate what we see, but never really accomplish the same look. There are a few reasons for that… those rooms were designed with no budget in mind, they were designed by seasoned professionals and they were designed… Continue reading Budget Friendly Bedroom Overhaul

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How To Make a Leather Feather Key Chain

What You’ll Need Medium Piece of Scrap Leather: Find small bags of scrap leather at Michaels or on Amazon Scissors Gorilla Glue: Find it at any hardware store like Menards or Amazon Pen Key Ring: Multiple colors can be found on Amazon or at Michaels Small Piece of Leather String: Multiple colors can be found… Continue reading How To Make a Leather Feather Key Chain

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Decorate Your Table With Thrift Shop Dinnerware

Before I could actually afford to buy an entire set of matching dinnerware I would go to the thrift stores to look for plates and glasses on my tight budget. Usually I would end up finding a set of 3, 5 or 7 dinner plates, so I got pretty good at creatively and beautifully putting together a table with mismatched dinnerware. Here are some general ideas to follow when setting a mismatched table.

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12 Things to Get Rid of Immediately to Declutter Your Home

Come January and I get the urge to purge! But more often than not, I don’t act on that urge and instead keep procrastinating. My usual mantra is I’ll start tomorrow and as we all know… tomorrow never comes. I love the idea of de-cluttering and living in a completely clutter free house – what…

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